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The majority of tips, tweaks, files, bootdisks, instructions, utilities, links, patches, updates, and all other information contained on this site, are posted for ADVANCED PC users.

I favor non-invasive applications. Keep in mind tho that some of the best non-invasive programs can also be some of the most powerful.

Any boot disk you need can be found here for free.

Most of the bootdisk files are self extracting images of bootable floppies. After you download the image file, insert a BRAND NEW floppy disk in your A: drive and click on the file to make the disk.

NT and XP bootdisks often come in sets. You first have to download the set, then most often click on the file to extract the individual images, then click on each image to make each disk in the set.

This domain carries both old and new utilities for most all PCs, and most of the applications here will work in Windows 7 as I keep my pages updated with the newest versions if, they offer an improvement over an older version. This is my toolbox. I don't like fences, hoops, or third party ads. I want to fix my or your PC ASAP.

For bootable SATA and IDE CDs go HERE

Thanks for visiting and remember: Don't fix a system that's not broken :)


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