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_____READ FIRST_______________ Google, it seems, and mozilla/firefox, seem to, or may have a niggle with my files. Perhaps it's best to use non Big Brother stuff to get my utils... In other words, it appears that google mail, browser, and notebooks do not want you to have my work to fix your PCs.

So, use apps/browser/email service unrelated to google/mozilla to acquire the files here that you need, if no joy otherwise.

As you know it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a website such as this. I hope that you really appreciate my efforts and I hope that the content of my site has been saving you both time and money. The Most Recently added/and/or/improved files are below in Yellow.

I've worked hard to find, make available, and create some of the best fully functional computer utilities so you can both find them and download them very easily. As my site continues in popularity tho the demand for certain files continues to drive me to maintain and/or update them. So in response I'd like to request that you if you need these files that you help me out for my time and expenses for just $4 to get access to EVERY file below.

After completing the transaction you will you will be sent an email which also provides the link to the download page. Please note that it may take up to 3 hours to receive the email.


USB Boot Tool | Best Utility To Format And Create A Bootable USB Drive. Screenshot

Custom XP Fresh Install Bootdisk | Fastest way to clean your drive of garbage and install XP. Here's the readme.1st file.

Custom XP Fresh Install Bootable CD | Fastest way to clean your drive of garbage and install XP. No Floppy drive needed to use this utlilty and make your C: drive bootable. Here's the readme file.

Custom XP Fresh Install Bootable 1.44 And CD ISO For SATA CDrom Drives

NTFS Read/Write Bootdisk And Bootable CDs | Read, Write, Copy, Delete, And Edit files on NTFS drives or partitions from a DOS boot. No A: drive needed to create the bootable CD. Read ntfsboot.txt in the zippack for complete directions. Includes ntfswcdd.iso [w/1 IDE Cdrom driver] and ntfswcds.iso [with 4 IDE and 1 Universal SATA] CDrom driver to add your own files to the ISO before burning.

DOScdrom | Auto Setup Config.sys/Autoexec.bat To Load CDrom Drivers in DOS. For laptops that share a floppy and cdrom port, or if you just need to boot to C: with CDrom drivers loaded. Read1 | Read2

DrDos7.03 | Bootdisk With Utilities
XP Key | A Product Key Finder

ZeroFill | aka Low Level Format - 4 Hard Drive Zero Fill Utilities

aefdisk 1.9 | Delete All HDD Partitions on C: by using the command aefdisk /delall See docs for more options.

A Graphical Partitioning/Formatting Utility | With Mouse Support. No need to know fdisk or DOS commands. Screenshot 1 for floppy and 1 ISO for CD, both bootable.

DocMemory 2.2 | On a Bootable CD. No floppy drive needed.

DOS USB Driver | Collection For CDroms, Hard Drives, Etc. readme.1st

BareBones Boot Floppy And ISO | To Make Flash Drives Bootable Read1 | Read2

Restoration 2.X | UnDelete Deleted Files. Also works on NTFS. Fully functional undelete utility and works off a floppy so you dont take any chances of a C: drive install writing over the files you need to get back.

jv16 RegCleaner 4.3 | Last Free Version 540 KB
jv16 Power Tools | For XP includes registry cleaner. Last free version with no time limits.

TaskInfo 4.0 | Last Nag Free Version. Best util to ID ALL running files and processes in real time.

Universal SATA CDrom Driver | Works great.

HP USB Disk Storage Tool |

Bootable BIOS Flashing CD For Adding Your BIOS Files To | | Readme

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